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1.Can I trade at any time?

Yes. Xstar using T +0 trading model, it can be traded at any time.


2What currencies does Xstar use for denominating currency?

    BTC and ETH.

Therefore, Xstar has two markets: BTC Market and ETH Market

You can find information of all currencies we offer for trading under the “currency data” tab (in the "Support" section).


3What information need I provide to trade

Firstly, you need open a basic account. If you want to trade with higher limits, you need to go through our identity authentication process.

For identity authentication, you need to provide your name and valid ID card or passport (“ID document”) information, you also need to provide the front view photo of your ID document, photo of your ID document back , photo of you holding your ID document, positive photo and personal signature.


4Can Xstar cancel my transaction when its on blockchain?

All transactions on any blockchain network are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them. Therefore, please make sure that all your transaction details are absolutely correct before you conduct any accounting operation, which is of great importance.


5Where can I see my trading history?

You can see your trading record on "Trading History" page. Please be noted that you have to be logged in to your Xstar account to see the trading history.


6How much trading fee does Xstar charge?

You can find the rate under the "Fee Schedule" page.


7. Does Xstar support any legal currency?

No, Xstar is a crypto-only trading platform. It does not support any legal currency, and it does not allow or provide legal currency deposit or withdrawal services.


8Is it possible to cancel a pending order?

Yes. You can cancel a pending order at any time. In order to do this, please find the pending orders section of the trade page and hit the "cancel" button.


9How long does all kinds of coins recharging arrive?

As LTC for a example, need to be confirmed 6 times by blocks

As ETH for a example, need to be confirmed 1 time by blocks

As BTC for a example, need to be confirmed 6 times by blocks

As LMC for a example, need to be confirmed 2 times by blocks

As BCC for a example, need to be confirmed 6 times by blocks)

Please contact us at [email protected]  if you encounter overtime.


10If you have any questions, you can contact us in the following methods:

Service Email: [email protected]