Trading Tutorial of Xstar 2.0 Trial Version

Edit:Xstar   Date:2018-05-15 18:15:36

(1)  Log into Personal Account Center of Xstar Exchange, then click the “2.0 Trial Version”in the upper-right corner;

(2). Copy the account and password of 2.0 Trial Version.

Account of 2.0 Trial Version: The mailbox account used to log in the current version of Xstar Exchange.

Default Password of 2.0 Trial Version: Shown as the pop-up in the screenshot (changeable after logged into 2.0 Trial Version)

(3). Enter your account and password, then click “Log In” to enter 2.0 Trial Version.

(4). Set Your Asset/Payment Password.

Please be noted that this password should contain 8 to 16 letters and should always be properly stored.

(5). Enter the home page, then click “Exchange” in the upper-left corner.

(6). Choose the coins that you want to trade (e.g. ETH/BTC) from the Market Column on the left to check detailed information of corresponding trading pair.

(7). Enter corresponding Price and Volume in Buy/Sell Column, then click “Buy/Sell.”

Price: Shortcut available to Last/Ask/Bid.

Max Volume: Rapid conversion of individual account balance (Buy/Sell) according to selected price.

(8). Enter your Asset/Payment Password to confirm the selected transaction.

(9). A pop-up on the top will show whether you have made a successful order or not.

(10). Partly completed orders will be shown in “My Order”, which can be cancelled by clicking “Cancel” in corresponding column while completed orders will be shown in “Order History.”